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Multifunctional Stainless Steel Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner Chocolate Milling Machine

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Chocolate ball milling Machine line(250kg/h)


The chocolate ball mill line is used for the conching/refining of chocolate paste( mixture of crystal sugar or sugar powder, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk powder etc). It can highly improve the final texture and flavor of chocolate. The chocolate can be produced with a mild, rich taste.

DALI GROUP is a very famous and big food company(listed company) in China. Among so many competitors both at home and abroad, DALI GROUP chose to buy it from us upon their strict requests and testing on the price, performance, quality, technology, service, appearance etc. We are the only designated supplier of DALI GROUP for the ball mill line. They placed repeat orders for it.

It is our patent and recommended product, our latest design. We have the patent certificate for it. Any counterfeit or unauthorized sale will be subject to legal liability.

C. Features

1. Low power consumption

* If the the electricity cost is 1 CNY/KWH, the total amount it saves in a year nearly equals to a set of chocolate ball mill line based on running for 12 hours/day.

2. High efficiency

* The production capacity is 8- 10 times of the traditional conche.

3. Food safety guarantee system(due to circulating conching and refining)

* It can reduce the heavy metal content, get rid of the smelly flavor and water and do the sterilization.

* The magnetic filter can filter the steel scraps.

4. Low abrasion of balls

* It only needs 5HP of chiller due to new technology and special working principle.

* Ball mills of other company need 15-30HP of chiller.

5. The bottom of the ball mill and circulating tank is cone-shape for the complete discharge of chocolate paste.

6. It can keep running continually for 24 hours per day.

7. Low noise

8. Easy operation( PLC automatic control)

9. High conching/refining fineness(18-25micron)

10. Imported high quality accessories