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High Speed Soft Gummy Candy Wrapping Machine(JY-ZB1200)

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  • JY-ZB1200

  • HULK

  • 8422303090

  • 5KW


Automatic Feed Gummy Candy Packaging Machine(JY-ZB1200)

JY-ZB1200 gummy candy

Finish Gummy candy packed picture.

微信图片_20220520142738 微信图片_20220520142733


This Pillow Packing Machine is widely used as below:
Food industry: Gum candy, Soft Gummy Candy, Toffee, Hard candy, scotch, etc.
Medical catalogue: The pills with the shape of spherical, ellipse, waist round, block, square, etc.

Main Features

-Three Servo Motors Control, Touch Screen Display.

-Ultra-big feeding Plate, Double Paper Roller Automatic splicer device.
-Automatic photocell tracking device, High precision cutting, and flexible for size adjustment.
-Touch screen display, r with steady performance, touch screen display.

-it equips with the auto-vibrator hopper for uniform gummy candy infeed.

Technical Parameters

packing   speed

50-1200   bags/min

Net   weight


Finished   bag size


Outside   dimensions


Total   power



380V,   50HZ(can be customized)

the   packing shape of product

Round   slice, ball shape, ellipse, waist round shape, cylindrical, block etc

adopted   product

hard   candy, soft candy, toffee, center filled candy, scotch, pill,chewing gum.


OPP,   CPP, aluminum plastic film and other hot-sealing material, etc

Advantage as below:

1.Double paper rollers, automatic paper splicer device.

Our paper splicer adopts the zigzag knife to cut the film easily. Same with Germany Bosch


2.Three servo motors control, rapid reaction, wide bag length adjustment, and precise bag length cutting point.

3.imported Japanese bearings, high quality and long service life.

4.Opposite and positive disc rotate to ensures the smooth package of soft gummy candy. it can avoid the stickness of gummy candy.

Gummy candy packing machine delivery time:1month.

gummy candy packing machine Shipment:by sea

package:sea worthy wooden case.

Gummy Candy Packaging Machine picture is as below. it equips with auto-vibrator hopper to infeed the gummy candy to packaging machine.

JY-ZB1200 gummy candy

the packaging machine uses double paper rollers and automatic splicer device for the gummy candy package.

double paper rollers,auto splicer device

this is the Ultra-big feeding disc design for the gummy candy package.

pillow packing machine(JY-ZB1200) (2)

the gummy candy packaging machine uses three servo motors to drive. all the tranmission is connected by the synchronous belt. its stable working and low maintenance costs for the gummy candy producers.  

three servo motors system

30000m2 factory condition and modern assembling workshop requirement guarantee the gummy candy packing machine quality. it's also a guarantee and trust to the gummy candy buyers for long time cooperations.