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Liquorice Candy Extruder Production Line

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liquorice candy production line is the professional equipment for the liquorice candy continuous production. the machine can produce soft starch candy, liquorice candy. 
  • HK-LE450

  • HULK

  • 8438200000

  • 45kw

  • 6000kg


Liquorice candy Extruder Production Line

liquorice extruder line

the machine can finish the complete process from kitchen, extrusion, center filling, cooling, and cutting.

the advantage the finished product is chewy and good taste. 

the machine is multi-function for various shapes products and different formula.

twist liquorice candy

sugar coat liquorice candy

colorful liquorice candy

center filled

The complete line is composed from

  1. ingredients dissolving and mixing

  2. continuous cooking

  3. extrusion

  4. center filling

  5. cooling

  6. cutting

  7. packaging