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Top Twist Chocolate Wrapping Machine Chocolate Bunch Wrapping Machine

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Top Twist Chocolate Bar or Chocolate product Bunch Wrapping Machine

Production Standard:

1.      Control system: Siemens control system, including PLC, HMI and main frequency convertor.

2.      Self designed control system for non-experience operation.

3.      Patent design aligning system for chocolate feeding.

4.      Fast belt replacement, cleaning within 10 seconds.

5.      Fast clean of whole aligning machine.

6.      Standard cabling & wiring same quality as per EU standard.

7.      Equipments safety: meets highest standard fromChina. For any special requirements, customer shall inform us in advance.

8.      We select best material for our machines. All machines are designed and manufactured for more than 20 years of stable running.

9.  Machines need to be connected with compressed air.

10.  Painting: metallic sliver pray, mat surface.

12.  Working environment: temperature 18-23℃, R.H.<45%

Other Commercial Terms:

PRICES:This price is based onFOB price.

DESPATCH: Within 70 days after receipt of the down payment and clear of necessary technical parameters. If any unexpected events happened such as force majeure, delivery will be postponed accordingly.

INSPECTION:Customer should come to inspection the machine’s trial running before shipment, however, the testing material such as chocolate mould, packing paper and testing samples should be supplied by customer in time, mould should be supplied in 30 days after contract date, paper and testing samples should be supplied 20 days before factory delivery.


40% of the invoice value:as down payment payable against the Proforma Invoice from the Seller by T/T;

60% of the invoice value:  payable by T/T before shipment.


Installation and commissioning by our specialized fitters. Standard: USD.100.00 per fitter per day. Time including traveling time. Exact commissioning time and number of technician will be informed by the Seller. The return air tickets with all local accommodations are at the buyer’s account.The buyer also needs find an interpreter forfitters for easy communication and supply necessary mechanic help. Relevant commissioning charge should be paid to the Seller before commissioning.


1 month from the date of this quotation.


We grant warranty for absence of defects and for assured properties and characteristics of theitemsbeing supplied.Natural wear, inappropriate handling and operation etc, are excluded from the warranty. We grant warranty after having decided freely - after due assessment of the circumstances – bysubsequent improvement or replacement.The period of warranty begins with completion of the commissioning by the Seller’s technicians. The duration of warranty is 12 months and no more than 18months after the date of shipment.


Fumugated wooden boxes suitable for long distance transportation on sea.