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Automatic Egg Break yolk separator machine

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  • JR-K100
  • HULK
  • 84388000.00
  • 0.25KW
machine fram:
speed adjust:
chain gear:

K100 Automatic Egg White and Egg Yolk Break and separator Machine

Machine Basic Parameters

Machine Model


Egg Break Machine power


Egg break machine dimension



220V single phase 50HZ



Egg white and yolk break & Separator Machine Introduction

1.the complete machine occupy small work space. egg breaking machine is suitable for both food factory and cake shop.

2.the egg break machine is made by 304 stainless steel frame. the bearings and chain gear are both 304SUS. the other transmission gear uses the polytef materials. All these materials are food grade. it meets the food hygiene requirement. the egg separating area can use the water to clean directly. it's convenient for cleaning after egg breaking.

3. the egg break and separating speed are adjustable by the inverter.

Machine Outer Dimension is as below:

Egg Break Machine Working Environment

1.temperature:+10℃---+65℃,relative humidity below 90%.

Egg Break Machine Storage Condition

temperature: minus 25℃-----+65℃ relative humidity below 90%

Egg Break Machine composed Parts as below


1.temperature:+10℃---+65℃,relative humidity below 90%.

Egg Break Machine Storage Condition

temperature: minus 25℃-----+65℃ relative humidity below 90%

Egg Break Machine composed Parts as below


operation introduction

1. The single-phase 220V power supply with grounding is required, and after ensuring that there is no foreign matter in the machine, the host power supply is switched on, and the control panel is lit up by rotating the "power" switch.

2. Press the "RUN" button on the control panel, and the machine starts to work, and the broken parts inside begin to make a jointed kata kata sound.

3. Press the "STOP" button on the control panel to STOP the machine.

4. Slowly turn the small speed control knob on the control board, the machine speed is adjusted between 0 and the highest speed of the factory setting.

5. After the preceding information is confirmed, the device works properly. If there is an exception, contact the after-sales department of the supplier.

6. The eggs are placed on the tray, the first time you need to use your hand to block the tray outlet position, to prevent the eggs from breaking, to be released after there are eggs at the exit, to be enough eggs in the tray, you can start the machine, into the state of beating eggs.

7. Before normal startup, prepare eggshell collection box, bastard liquid collection box, egg white collection box, egg yolk collection box, and place the eggshell collection box at the end of the machine at the eggshell, bastard liquid collection box is placed under the separator start bin door.The egg white and yolk collecting tanks are placed at the end of the separator.

8. Open egg liquid through the egg tray and diversion tank into the egg yolk separator, eggshell automatically fall into the collection box.

9. When the yolk of the opened egg appears to scatter, it needs to be opened in time to press the door in the side of the tank into the bastard liquid collection box.Close the door after the scattered egg is flushed clean.

10. After the egg liquid flows into the separation tank, observe the separation of egg white and yolk. If egg white separation is not complete, adjust the gap size and length of the separation tank to ensure complete classification.

11. Turn off the knob "power" switch, cut off the power and clean the machine after obtaining enough egg liquid for use.

12. The eggs required by the equipment should be fresh eggs as far as possible. Long storage time of eggs will affect the separation effect of egg liquid. At the same time, there will be a few egg shells in the process of beating eggs, which need to be manually detected to avoid falling into the egg liquid.

Egg Break Machine complete picture

egg break machine

Egg Break Machine inner structure.



SUS304 Machine Structure