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Double Twist Candy Wrapping Machine
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High Quality Double Twist Candy Wrapping Machine


Product shape: ellipse, cylindrical, waist round, block, square, etc.


Main Features


1.High-density cam indexing unit, cam gear transmission.
2.Automatic bag length adjustment, Double layer films available..

3.Equipped with Automatic photocell avoiding film-cutting error.

4.Connected part with food is stainless steel structure, no pollution, high level food hygiene.
5.Frequency converter, stepless speed regulation.

Optional accessories & special versions

-Auto vibration device


Technical Parameters


Double Twist Candy Packing Machine

packing speed

 300-600 pcs/min

Net weight


the product specification


Outside dimensions


Total power



380V, 50HZ

the packing shape of product

round slice \ellipse, waist round,

cylindrical, rectangular square etc

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