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Flow Type Lollipop Packing Machine (JY-ZB900)
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Horizontal Disc Feeding Candy Packing/Wrapping Machine for lollipop, mini-candy etc.(JY-ZB900)


Ball shape Lollipop, flat lollipop , and Bonbon packing

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed

50-400 pcs/min

Net Weight


Finished Bag Size


Outside Dimension


Total Power



380V,50HZ ( can be customized)

Packing Shape of product

Spherical, flat lollipop etc

Adopted Product

Lollipop and similar product


OPP, CPP, PET, Aluminium plating film, hot sealing film.

Main Features
1.Ultra-big feeding plate with high speed feeding and surface protection.
2.Doube Paper rollers, Automatic paper splicer device
3. by-directional photoslotting avoiding film-cutting error
4.Stainless steel contacting part,high level food hygiene.
5.Frequency convertor,stepless speed regulation.
6.Intelligent temperature control,complete airtight sealing.

7.Automatic candy filling device, Same with Japanese technology, ensure no empty packing.

8.servo motors control or mechanical transmission for the choice.

Extra function:

chain bag, for example:five chain bags, ten chain bags,etc.

automatic lollipop filling, no empty packaging.

can equips with date printer

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