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High Speed Mini Candy Flow Packing Machine (JY-ZB1500)
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High Speed Horizontal Candy Packing Machine(JY-ZB1500)

High speed wrapping for mini-candy,


Compact Structure, mechanical part and electrical parts are completely separated.

Applicable area:

Hard candy, soft candy, chewing gum, lollipop, pill, etc.

Main Feature

1. Three yaskawa servo motors coordinate with Siemens PLC and touch screen.

2. Automatic feeding Disc with double paper rollers and automatic paper splicer

3. the disc cover adopts the Teflon to ensure no stickness

4. the electrical cabinet and mechanical cabinet are individual to ensure no signal disturb

5.the transversal sealing have the shock absorber to ensure the machine runs in high speed condition.

Technical Parameters



Packing Type

Pillow Pack

Packing Speed


Packing Product

Hard candy, soft candy, and similar products

Packing Shape

Round Slice, Spherical, ellipse, waist round, oblong,etc.

Total Power



220V/380V/50/60HZ,1 PHASE OR 3 PHASE(can be customized)



Outside Dimension


Wrapping film

OPP,CPP,PET, Aluminium plating film, aluminium plastic film, hot-sealing film, etc.

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