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Flow Type High Speed Candy Packing Machine (JY-ZB1200)
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Horizontal Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine(YW-Z1200)

This machine is mainly used to packing mini-candy, like hard candy,soft candy, gummy candy, double pcs chewing gum,sugus, and similar products etc.


this machine is mainly serving for the confectionary and food producers. it can connect directly with the distributing line from candy production line to our candy packing machine.

it adopts the disc feeding. it's compact structure and easy to change the mold for different shapes candy.

A quick change of product dimensions is possible by exchange of the wrapping units. 


The first step is to install the packing film, through the motor, the film will be pulled down, and

The paper sensor transfer the signal. The film will be formed, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing

And then be cut down.

Applicable area:

Confectionery factory, food factory, commodity factory, etc.

Technical Parameters



Packing Type

Pillow Pack

Packing Speed

50-1200pcs/min(according to real product size)

Packing Product

Hard candy, soft candy, and similar products

Packing Shape

Round Slice, Spherical, ellipse, waist round, oblong,etc.

Total Power



220V,380V 3 phase,50HZ(can be customized)



Outside Dimension


Wrapping film

OPP,CPP,PET, Aluminium plating film, aluminium plastic film, hot-sealing film, etc.


Main Feature

1.       Three Servo motors control, more wide bag cutting length and precise cutting point.

2.       Automatic feeding Disc, enhance the efficiency.

3.       double paper rollers, automatic paper splicer device.

4.       the machine can be directly synchronized to the production line, and can achieve the automation of feeding, sealing, reduce the cost of labor.

5.       Due to the automatic operation, several machines can be handled by one operator.

6.       Through connecting with the distributing line, the machine can realise the automatic package from candy production line to primary package and secondary packaging.

Pls contact us for more, we will provide u the reasonable packing solution to connect your production line to packaging.

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