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Depositing Type Candy Making Machine for automatic hard candy,lollipop production
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Machine Description:

this is automatic candy moulding machine for hard candy, lollipop,some carrageenan and pectin soft candy, etc.

the machine is composed of cooking part, moulding part, conveying and cooling part.

it's the complete automatic production from syrup dissolving, cooking, candy depositing, cooling and demoulding.

the machine can do different shape and size candy, easy to replace the mould.

Hard candy, pectin, carrageenan soft candy, toffee , lollipop, etc production.
1.automatic production from depositing, conveying, cooling, demoulding.
2.flexible to change mould for different size products.
3.cooling tunnel adopt the insulating encasement with sandwich construction.
4.Equips with individual electric control box, Touch screen and stable PLC system.
Technical parameter

Depositing Speed30-55 times/min
Machine Dimension(mm)9000*1300*1900(L*W*H)

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